This Photo was Taken by a Texan

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Meet Kim Nanney (@k.imzy_)! She works out of Colorado and is always collaborating with wonderful ladies who consistently bring beautiful cannabis content into the world.

You might have seen her work around the internet, but she’s also been awarded and reposed by cannabis publications such as High Times and Dope Magazine. And this lovely lady is from Texas.

Texas Gals

When I started this blog, I had to find the person who was taking these beautiful photos. So after a few short keystrokes into Instagram, and preparing two Instagram posts with her stock photos to introduce my site, she commented on my posts when I tagged her!

Within those comments, she shared with me that she is originally from Texas and that she was happy to see Texas getting into the cannabis game and catching up with the world.


Sharing How Far Texas Has Come

Our quick interaction quickly motivated me about how I wanted to shape my communication style within the Texas cannabis movement.

Instantly I knew it was more than moving towards cannabis reform and shaping minds in Texas residents, but also showing others who’ve left our state what current events are happening and all the positive things the plant is bringing to the state they had to leave to pursue their passion.

And full transparency, her style set a standard and perspective of how I wanted people from Texas to see cannabis: nurtured by nature.

So, Texas, whenever you see these photos featured in this blog, know it was created with heart from a Texan who loves cannabis.

As always, check out the above links and follow this wonderful lady on social media! For updates and additional cool CBD lifestyle information, follow me @thetexascbdblog on InstagramFacebookTwitter, and subscribe HERE for my biweekly newsletter for highlights from the month and deals I find.

Grace Delgado
Author: Grace Delgado

Grace is a native Texan and the founder of Texas Cannabis Today. She is captivated by cannabis and technology, loves cats, and enjoys finding digital adventures.

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