Getting Personal | Grace’s Cannabis Story

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I am naturally an anxious person.

The thought of my anxiety and awkwardness was the byproduct of being homeschooled for 18 years.

I grew up in a large conservative family of nine which resulted in bearing middle child syndrome (I’m the fourth child!) and thought how I navigated life was natural because I never had “experience in the real world”. That shaming resulted in avoided dealing with my emotions and create a shift to focus on varsity athletics, becoming a high achiever and an evolving perfectionist; until I couldn’t. But that’s for another blog post.

Finally Understanding Myself

In November of 2018, I began to take CBD regularly. My introduction to CBD was like most, in addition to the everyday stress of work-life balance. Like most, I took it at night to sleep better, and I did. And although slept better, I knew there was more to my stress then extra deep sleep, so I started to journal my experiences. 

That is when I had my “ah-ha” moment in January of 2019.

A flood of memories came rushing back from my youth; one from when I was five and couldn’t let go of the family station wagon (what if I left something in it?!) and that’s where it hit me.

I’ve had anxiety my entire life.

My Current Vibe

I have been interested in the business of cannabis since 2012 before I understood the difference between cannabis and hemp. In 2012 I started the process of looking for any job I could find in a legal state to work in the cannabis industry. I wanted to get whatever experience I could to work with cannabis products.

That November of 2018, I had no idea would be getting that opportunity in Texas.

My inspiration is from my cannabis role models is to highlight the positive impact cannabis has on society as the world enters an age of using CBD products.

My Wish for Us

Cannabis is a diverse organism, which means there are endless possibilities and creative avenues to steam from the plant. I want to share those stories from the beautiful people who I have interacted with through it.

Ever since I was a teenager, I wanted to live in a world where cannabis products are in my home, office and used responsibility through recreational consumption.

And this blog made that dream a reality.

My goal here is to explore cannabis, provide product reviews, feature inspiring individuals, brands, and relaxing plants that inspire your wellness course.

I can’t wait to get to know you and hear your stories about cannabis.

Grace Celeste, Founder of The Texas CBD Blog and Grace Writes

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Grace Delgado
Author: Grace Delgado

Grace is a native Texan and the founder of the Texas CBD Blog. She is captivated by cannabis and technology, loves cats, and enjoys spending time finding adventures.

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