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Do you want to share your cannabis story?

Are you an artist, brand, writer, have a lead you’d like to look into? There is a place for your cannabis content here.

If you have cannabis news to share

Email me at and drop your information in it!

Written and Creative Content (cannabis preferred)

Submissions can be sent to Please submit it as an attachment in a google doc with the “submissions” in the subject line. Our articles go through at least two rounds of edits.

We do our best to respond to everyone, but if you haven’t heard from us in a week, feel free to send a follow-up email. We will do our due diligence to be sure all content is original and that it hasn’t been published elsewhere.

Brand Partnerships

Partner with us to talk about your business? Benefit from our distribution network, comprehensive cannabis content, and innovative perspective and communication style to increase engagement with your brand and stay ahead of the competition.

E-mail us at

Here are a few things we look for to share the best cannabis with our audience:

The Texas CBD Blog is a cannabis lifestyle site that celebrates the best of cannabis in Texas. We feature entrepreneurs, products, and report on the future of technology in hemp.

We go beyond surface-level information but keep to the principles of education, transparency, innovation, to provide the best cannabis content possible.

The Texas CBD Blog is a part of the next generation of how information about cannabis spreads across the internet. And we’d love for you to join in that conversation!


The world is still opening its eyes to what cannabis can do for them. And your cannabis content can help. you don’t have to be an “expert,” but we want to make it clear the reader can trust your perspective. We want your work to relate to our readers, so they are engaged with your work!


What makes you conclude that this is an exciting piece for the work you’d like to submit? A sentence or two will helps us understand why you’d like our readers to read or view your work.


We are writers, so we also read for pleasure. Here we want to enjoy our work just as much as our readers would. We keep an open mind to topics and what it means to enjoy based on the subject. So feel free to submit what you find enjoyable!

As we provide our readers with the best possible content that will educate, entertain, and inspire dreamers, and most importantly, connect with people who love or simply want to learn more about cannabis, and we’re always seeking new perspectives.

Our cannabis content covers topics that run the gamut that include but not limited to: the future of cannabis, womxn’s health, topical reviews (yes, beauty too!), information about technology, historical content, event coverage, travel, books, dating, and so much more!

For updates for cool CBD lifestyle, follow me @thetexascbdblog on InstagramFacebookTwitter, and subscribe HERE for my cannabis newsletter.

Grace Delgado
Author: Grace Delgado

Grace is a native Texan and the founder of Texas Cannabis Today. She is captivated by cannabis and technology, loves cats, and enjoys finding digital adventures.

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