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Texas Cannabis Today Amplifies Cannabis Education and Voices.

Texas Cannabis Today is here for Texans to explore the Texas cannabis community culture in a low-pressure environment. Our mission is to educate and entertain hemp consumers as Texans adopt hemp products into their lives.

What The Texas Cannabis Today is About

What is the core of Texas Cannabis Today you ask? Well, check out the information below.

  1. Serving Texas 
    Our priority is our readers. Whether you were born in Texas, got here as fast as you could, moved away, or curious to know about Texas Hemp and Cannabis, we want to be a reliable source of Texas hemp and cannabis information.

    Our readers include entrepreneurs, causal tokers, closet smokers, and more. The face of cannabis users runs the gamut; and at the end of the day, we advocate for normalization and the consumer adoption of cannabis products in Texas. We want to provide Texas with accessible resources that serve and support Texas businesses while also encouraging people to vote (and comment!) on how Texas regulates hemp and cannabis products.

  2. Being Future Focused 

    Whatever it looks like, we want to cover what the future of cannabis looks like, propose topics, technology, and information that gets you thinking. Cannabis education is key to the future of this industry, and we want to meet you there.

  3. Highlighting Equality, Entupuners and Community Leaders

    From brands to individuals who are making an impact on the cannabis community, you’ll find that information here.

  4. Cannabis and Hemp Reviews
    We cover products from topicals to cannabis devices. We research and vet all of our products before we publish that information to you. It’s your health and our plant. We that seriously.

  5. Feature Products
    People trust us to show them the best products but, more so, we are also grateful brands and businesses have trusted us to partner with their brand. We have gathered products from around the state to highlight to people what is a Texas related product to show off the growing Texas cannabis culture.

  6. Display Locations of Stores
    We have gathered and received listings of cannabis and hemp stores daily. Our goal is to show you where you can find a great location in your area and compare that listing to other hemp stores in your area

  7. Support Green Businesses, Products, and Activities
    Too many people have been punished because they support cannabis. As a future-forward company, we want to show you who supports cannabis, holistic, and environmentally friendly missions so you can easily find who you’d like to support that has a green mission.

  8. Distribute Physical Cannabis Content Through Texas for Texas (Spring 2021 Launch)
    We bring creators, brands, and thought leaders from around the Texas to showcase hot cannabis topics, events, culture, and lifestyle in Texas cannabis culture.



Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

CBD is one cannabinoid in the cannabis plant, and we believe in the full use of cannabis from industrial to consumable services. Additionally, while we are committed to covering Texas Hemp and highlighting Texas products, we are open to Texas friends! Contact us today!

In Texas, we have access to the hemp plant through our stores, and it is illegal to possess hemp over .3%THC. There will be times while visiting legal cannabis states that we will be sharing information about the full cannabis plant and other alternative substances.

WE LOVE CANNABIS. Smoke it, eat it, lather it, it is medicine and helps us function daily without prescription anxiety medication.

If you love cannabis, we want to let others that you support the industry. Contact us and let’s talk!

Cannabis is about integrating it into our lifestyle. Even if you only have one hemp product at your store, contact us! We want to let others know it’s available!

Feel free to contact me at grace@thetexascbdblog.com or on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn at @texascannabistoday

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